Episode 2

Published on:

3rd Feb 2020

Episode 25: Shift Your Conciousness

Satin Marche is an alchemist, small business owner and spiritual healer. Her work exitst at the intersections of feminity, blackness and spirituality. In this episode we discuss her journey towards innerstanding, the importance of her tribe, and what it takes to love without attachment.

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Invisible Truths
Exploring Radical Self-Awareness™
Where does it hurt? Will I ever feel whole? Where do I belong? If these questions resonate with you, you’re in the right place. In this podcast, we'll utilize personal narratives and powerful questions to investigate the truths that go unnoticed. This is not a podcast for the faint of heart. We are going to face darkness, pain, and fear because they alone can introduce us to our most authentic selves. Above all else, this podcast reminds you that you aren’t alone. Despite what our social media feeds tell us, pain is more prevalent than we’d like to believe. Together we can explore our own invisible truths and experience restoration as we live out the principles of Radical Self-Awareness™.
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Ben Tapper is a storytelling coach, group facilitator and racial equity consultant. He hosts the Invisible Truths Podcast and blog and is a founding member of the Kindred Collective LLC which utilizes racial equity training and healing dialogue to empower leaders and restore communities.